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Shikoku Chisan Hotels

As the smallest of Japan's four main islands, Shikoku is perhaps the least visited too. But it has lots to offer. A beautiful coastline, Odori festival and Matsuyama Castle are some great places to explore. Besides being famous for the 100,000 or so O-henro-san or pilgrims, who visit 88 temples on the island in a set order each year, it also offers the best noodles in Japan. Come and explore Shikoku while staying at Shikoku Chisan Hotels.

Chisun Inn Marugame Zentsuji

One of the most well known of Chisun Hotels in Shikoku, it welcomes the guests with a heartfelt hospitality rooted in and characterized by the traditions of the local community. Travelers and guests are pleasantly surprised by an upscale, multifunctional hotel rich in local flavor. Offering a perfect place to hold corporate training sessions, seminars and meetings in a comfortable environment, it is equally ideal location to celebrate important anniversaries, or just for an evening out with friends and family. One can simply immerse oneself in total relaxation, while enjoying the cozy atmosphere and service that’s a cut above the rest. Fully-equipped international standard property replete with luxury guestrooms, only help to create memorable experiences and moments spent there. This Chisan hotel in Shikoku has to offer a wide choice of restaurants, bars, banquet rooms, and wedding halls to satisfy nay need or requirement. A 24 hour reception with a well-trained, highly-professional staff who welcome guests with friendly, personalized and heartfelt service are the norm here.