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The Kanto region is a part of Honshu which is the largest Japanese Island. It has more than forty percent plain land area and rest consists of the hills and mountains which form the natural and borders. The Kanto region is an important area of Japan as it is a Japanese government seat and also a place having country’s largest group of universities and cultural institutions. Also, it is the region having largest population and large industrial zone among all other regions of Japan.

The major area of Kanto Plains is utilized for either of residential, commercial, or industrial construction. However, farming is also done and rice is the main crop. In recent times, the some places have as been landscaped to grow garden produce for the urban Japanese market.

Where to stay while at Kanto?

There are so many options to choose from. The Chisun Group offered you the world class Chisan Inns In Kanto, Chisun resorts in Kanto and Chisun hotels in Kanto to make your stay at Kanto a memorable experience. Given below is the review of these Kanto Chisun Inns, resorts and hotels. Take a look to know more about the same.

Chisun Inn Utsunomiya Kanuma

It is a one of the most famous Chisan Inns In Kanto which is located at a 15 minutes drive from Tohoku Expressway, Kanuma inter" and JR Utsunomiya station. The public transportation is very near by, therefore, this Kanto Chisun Inn provides easy access to major business and scenery places in Utsunomia. It offers rooms which are well furnished and are equipped with standard amenities for your comfortable stay.

Chisun Inn Sano-Fujioka IC

This Kanto Chisun Inn is situated very near to the expressway interchange in the Sano city. This city is well known for its attractive street layout, which is admired as the little Kyoto of the Kanto region, as well as for its beautiful natural sights. As it is also situated near to the expressway, it offers convenient access to major throughways. There is a very popular shopping mall nearby where you can enjoy shopping. The rooms are having clean and spacious baths where you can stretch your legs is one of the features which make your stay at Chisan Inns In Kanto more comfortable. The guestrooms are fully equipped with a refrigerator, flat screen television, alarm clock, and table, all sensibly laid out.

Chisun Inn Hitachinaka

Among the Chisan Inns In Kanto, one such inn is at Hitachinaka, which provides an economical stay option. You can enjoy all the facilities in a comfortable environment and that too at very economical prices. Chisun Inn Tsuchiuraami: The rooms at Chisun Inn Tsuchiurammi are very spacious and have all modern facilities TV, wireless internet access. Also, you can enjoy the continental meals at the restaurant at one of these Kanto Chisun Inn.

Chisun Inn Fukaya

It is located near the JR Fukaya Station. The inn is only a five minutes walk from the business centre and the shopping centers. The Fukaya city of Japan is known to be a high-tech industrial cities, the Chisun Inn Fukaya is designed in such a manner that it offers facilities and services which meet guest’s special demands, as well as tailored to assist the enjoyment of the city's many landmarks, enchanting nature, and festivals.

Chisun Inn Kumagaya

You will enjoy here the charm, warmth and generous hospitality. The staff at this Kanto Chisun Inn welcomes you with gracious hospitality and personalized service ensuring each of our guests a memorable stay. To ensure a comfortable stay, each guestroom is equipped with ample ceiling lights, a flat screen television and a bathroom. You can also avail no-smoking and ladies only rooms on request if you want to.

Chisun Inn Chiba Hamano R16

This is one of the best options among all the Chisan Inns In Kanto to enjoy family vacations as it offers comfortable stay and that too at very economic prices. It is situated along Route 16, the Chisun Inn Chiba Hamano R16 is easily accessible by both car and train.

Chisun Resort Kamogawa

The Chisun resort at Kamogawa is among the main Chisun resorts in Kanto. This resort offers unique comfort and relaxation with facilities such as an outdoor wood bath with ocean views. The services are tailored to satisfy each guest's requirements to make their stay enjoyable. Every guest room of the resort provides a magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean. Enjoy the sound of the sea and a spectacular view of the rising sun in the morning. The specialty of this Chisun resorts in Kanto is the natural hot spring bath which takes away your stress away with its natural minerals.

Chisun Hotel Utsunomiya

One of the Chisun hotels in Kanto region is in the city of Utsunomiya and is known as Chisun hotel Utsunomiya. Its location is such that it takes only one minute walk from JR Utsunomiya Station to reach the hotel. The public transport facility is available to Tohoku Shinkansen, which is the center of the Northern Kanto transportation network. These Chisun hotels in Kanto region is at a very convenient location. Moreover, it provides comfortable rooms equipped with all the modern facilities. This is the best option to enjoy warm hospitality at affordable prices.