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Chisan Hotels In Kyushu

Kyushu is the southern third largest and densely populated island of Japan. In Kyushu subtropical climate is found and receives much rainfall and Chisan hotels in Kyushu area an added feature for the visitors here. A population of near about 13,231,995 and covering 35,640 square kilometers (13,760 sq mi) can be found in Kyushu. After Honshu and Hokkaido, Kyushu is the largest island in Japan. It covers around 10, 6% of Japan's population. Kyushu is divided in 7 prefectures: Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Oita, Miyazaki and Kagoshima.

Tourist attractions

Nagasaki is one of the Kyushu's most famous cities for visitors, probably due to the dropping of the second atomic bomb in human history on 9 August 1945. One of Kyushu most unique and contentious place is Beppu, a hot-spring city eminent for its "Hells" as much as for bathing. The island is renowned for its porcelain (Satsuma and Hizen ware). Kyushu has four national parks, and one of Japan's two space centers is located there. The Chisan hotels in Kyushu offer its visitors with top class facilities and the list of Kyushu chisun hotels is described as below:

Chisun hotels hakata

The Chisan hotels in Kyushu have its one branch in hakata. The foyer lengthened on to a casual, spacious restaurant where the visitors are ensured of excellent food and fast friendly services. Chisun Hotel Hakata aims to offer its guests with comfort and warm hospitality at very reasonable prices. Our comfortably sized guest rooms with large windows let the sunlight brighten the rooms and on request further facilities can be available to the visitors. All rooms are equipped with ample lighting making every guest room bright and comfortable.

Chisun In Tosu

This Kyushu chisun hotel is located 1.4 km north-east from "Tosu junction" where the Kyushu, Nagasaki, and Oita Expressways intersect. Chisun Inn Tosu has a very perfect location not only for business purposes but also for shopping at the famous Tosu Premium Outlet, sports events, and convenient access by car to any part of Kyushu with excellent staying facility in the hotel.

Chisun hotel Kumamoto

In Chisun Hotel Kumamoto, an airy lobby full of sunshine anticipates you. You can enjoy the comprehensive, friendly services, contented rooms and ample facilities, all at finest and reasonable costs. The services of Kyushu chisun hotels try to satisfy every requirement of the visitors. Guestrooms are vivid and clean, with ceiling lights to illuminate the entire room. They also provide ladies-only rooms with a comfortable design, non-smoking rooms, and triple rooms for the complete family.

Chisun Inn KumamotoMiyukuFeuda

Here the services of the chisen hotel Kyushu are committed to ensure the stay of the visitors a very comfortable and relaxing experience. The rates here are pleasantly reasonable at 5,500yen for one person, 7,500yen for two, and 9,000yen for three and 9000 yen for three, along with other exclusive services.

With the above description it can be summarized that no matter whether you go for a business trip or for a family vacation the comforts of Chisan hotels in Kyushu awaits you to give you the memorable time of your lives with their services.