Chisan Hotels

Chisan hotels In Chigoku

The westernmost part of the main Japanese island Honshu, Chigoku is home to one of Japan's Top 3 Parks and a brooding black castle. Discover the different pleasant paths connecting dozens of small temples while holidaying here and stay at the world famous Chisan hotels In Chigoku. Let us learn more about them.

Chisun Inn Kurashiki Mizushima

A most sought after of the Chigoku Chisan Inns, it is a symbol of world-class service, catering to every traveler's needs. Guests are welcomed with a cheerful, friendly service. The staff is not only caring, but friendly and efficient too. So, head straight for this place if you want a simple, yet comfortable and lively place to stay.

Chisun Hotel Hiroshima

Hiroshima, also known as the City of Peace, welcomes you for a comfortable stay with warm hospitality at this Chigoku Chisun hotel. Surrounded by the scenic Seto Inland Sea and mountains, the city has a rich historic culture. Famous for its food culture, this most well known of Chisan hotels In Chigoku is located conveniently in the central part of the city. The staff goes out of the way to provide you a comfortable stay and catering to your every need.