Chisan Hotels

Chisan Resorts In Okinawa

The name Okinawa implies ’rope in the open sea’, an appropriate portrayal of this long stretch of islands between mainland Japan and Taiwan. It consists of 41 colonized islands and 16 abandoned islands, Okinawa has the only sub-tropical climate in Japan and is one of the major tourist destinations for the Japanese, but not many foreign visitors make it to these shores. Let us take a look at the well known Chisan hotels in Okinawa.

Chisun resort Naha

The Chisun resort Naha provides its guest with astonishing services. The fully spacious bedrooms offer a comfortable and a relaxing stay in Okinawa Chisun resorts. There are three kinds of rooms available to the visitors with different level of comforts and depending upon their requirements as follows: There are standard twin rooms, superior twin rooms and universal twin rooms. The guest can choose any of these depending upon the expenses they can pay. All of these rooms have different types of services which can make your trip worth.

Chisun Resort Okinawa Churaumi

These Okinawa chisun resort is situated in one of the perfect locations: from where the world famous 'Okinawa Chura-umi Aquarium is merely at a walking distance. To make the visitors and guests completely enjoy the experience of resorts in Okinawa, all guestrooms have ocean views. Various activities for guest's enjoyment like; marine sports, golf, and visits to interesting cultural sites are offered in the resort. Times go by with slowly and quietly. There are different setting types of rooms to suite the favorite views from the window: Junior Suite Room - Prime Ocean view Room - Open Ocean view Room - Partial Ocean view Room.

Chisun Resort Ishigaki

This resort is just 10 minutes away from the Ishigaki Airport in Okinawa and is in the center of Ishigaki city, this Okinawa chisun resort can be the perfect place for visitors’ to stay on the island. It is very convenient to travel to the other islands, with the pier a 3-minute walk away, where there are boats available to Taketomijima, Iriomote and other far-flung islands.

On the west side the Ishigaki market offering local products and a wide selection of fish and shellfish from Yaeyama is located. This Chisan hotel in Okinawa is situated near the Misakicho amusement district where visitors and guests can enjoy city’s folk songs and dancing, along with awamori, the local sake, for a memorable taste of the nightlife of Ishigaki. The Okinawa chisun resorts provides simple as well as sophisticated Western style rooms, or soothing rooms in Japanese style, both appropriate for both guests staying for business or pleasure, or family or group tours.

The services of Chisan resorts in Okinawa make sure that their guests find themselves feeling unruffled and comfortable when relaxing in the rooms. You can enjoy the time spent in the private space of your rooms while planning your travels or cherishing the memories made on the island with the Okinawa chisun resorts.