Chisan Hotels

Chisan Inns In Tohoku

Tohoku region is well known for its countryside and natural beauty. Mountains, lakes, hot springs and the scenic beauty of this place attract large number of tourists every year. Tohoku has a lot to offer: lots of mountains, volcanoes, plenty of hot springs. Two of Japan's most beautiful lakes: Towada-ko and Tazawa-ko also exist here. One of Japan's great landscapes, let us get to know the Chisan inns in Tohoku.

Chisun Inn Iwate Ichinoseki IC

Providing high-quality relaxation during both work and non-work hours, Chisun Inn Iwate, As one of the most sought after of Chisan hotels in Tohoku, is fully-equipped with snug floors and restaurants for satisfying dining. Offering professional high-level and attentive service, cater to the seasoned travelers' business and leisure needs. The room rates are 5,500 yen for single occupancy, 7,500 yen for double occupancy, and 9,000 yen for triple occupancy per room. (including tax). All rooms are equipped with a LAN connection with free access to the Internet. What is great about this Tohoku chisun hotel is the group discounts which are offered and the rates are reduced according to the number of members in your group.

Chisun Inn Sendai Izumi IC

Sleep well in comfort at one of the best known Chisan Inn in Tohoku. Serving to satisfy the various requirements of different guests, this acts as a gateway to the local community. As a convenient base for travel, this Tohoku chisun inn is distinct and special. Guests are floored with all the latest modern amenities present in the rooms: double beds, refrigerator, a flat screen TV with Video-on-Demand, just to name a few. Providing a wonderfully economical stay, special large baths are a special feature of the rooms.

Chisun Hotel Sendai

Offering complete relaxation and comfort, this Tohoku chisun hotel is a just a few minutes walk from Sendai Station. Taking pride because of its convenient location, the renovations in 2004 have only added to the facilities provided by the hotel thus making your stay more relaxing and functional. Stringin to maintain competitive pricing along with welcoming all guests with friendly, professional service, is what makes this a special place.

Chisun Hotel Koriyama

Another well known of Tohoku chisun hotels, it has a bustling feel with a historical scent. Koriyama is a city, keeping pace with the 21st century. The green streets with beautifully arranged rows of houses and having an abundance of parks are enough to provide hours of relaxation to both the tourists and as well as the citizens. Just located 2 minutes on foot from JR Koriyama station, it is ideally situated for business or leisure. Stay at this Chisan hotel in Tohoku for maximum comfort and explore Japan's northeast and Niigata areas.

Chisun Inn Fukushima Nishi IC

Economical and ecological, this is another word for this Chisan inn in Tohoku. Enjoy a sound sleep in a comfortable environment, in the hotel, which is conveniently located directly in front of the Fukushima Nishi Interchange on the Tohoku Expressway. It is ideally situated for both business or leisure. With its combination of reasonable prices and fine service, the hotel promises an enjoyable stay for visitors.