Chisan Hotels

New Chisan Hotels

Comfortable and lively, and yet the perfect place to relax, Chisan hotels have become well known for their professional services and fresh new ideas. A caring staff that caters to guests with friendly and efficient service, they realize the importance on both traditional hospitality and travel needs that needs to be changed with the times. Hence, responding to both with care and attention, while continuously striving to establish a new hotel standard, some brand new Chisun hotels have come up at different places.

Lets us take a look at the new Chisan hotels.

Chisun Inn Marugame Zentsuji

Located about 1.5 km from the Zentsuji Interchange on the Takamatsu Expressway, Chisun Inn Marugame Zentsuji also close to the Seto-Ohashi Bridge. This new Chisun inn is a feat of modern engineering and the longest combined road and Rail Bridge in the world. Guests can take advantage of sightseeing at numerous historical Buddhist pilgrimage sites in the area such as Zentsuji Temple, Mt. Kompira and its Kotohira Shrine.

Chisun Inn Kurashiki Mizushima

The opening of the new Chisun Inn Kurashiki Mizushima is part of the strategy of the central government’s economic recovery program to stimulate domestic road travel. Ideally located to benefit from the discounted road toll, this new Chsan hotel is particularly positioned to serve the needs of travelers between the Chugoku, Shikoku and Kansai areas. It is 4.2 km away from the Mizushima Interchange, which links to the Seto-Chuo Expressway that connects Honshu to Shikoku.

Loisir Hotel & Spa Tower Naha

The much eagerly anticipated Loisir Hotel & Spa Tower Naha as a luxury spa resort opened on July 17th, 2009. the plan is to rebrand the existing 419 rooms Loisir Hotel Naha and integrate it with a new annex building, the Loisir Spa Tower Naha, on an adjoining site. A sky bridge will seamlessly connect the two buildings. Boasting of some of the most spacious rooms in Naha, the guests will have spectacular ocean views as well as natural hot spring baths in the privacy of their own rooms at one of the new Chisan hotels. This is a feature unique to Loisir Spa Tower Naha as no other hotel in Naha offers natural hot spring baths.

Chisun Resort Naha

Chisun Resort Naha is one of the brand new Chisun hotels to open, serving as an ideal base for visitors to the gateway to Okinawa. Conveniently located in the city center, which is famous for its shopping, lively atmosphere and nightlife, it is a mere 10-minute taxi ride from the airport. It is a boon for the business guests who require convenient access to downtown and the airport. Having a total of 96 spacious guestrooms, with an average of 20 square meters per room, the guest will get to enjoy several packages for the use of the building’s spa facilities and restaurants.

Chisun Inn Karuizawa

This is the first resort hotel among Solare's roadside hotels. It is a five-minute drive from Karuizawa Station and situated in one of the leading mountain resort towns of Karuizawa in Nagano Prefecture. Karuizawa offers a great escape to the visitors form the sweltering heat to enjoy recreational activities such as hiking, cycling, tennis and golf. In the winter, visitors flock Karuizawa for skiing and skating. Meeting the strict municipal standards that preserve the atmosphere and history of this resort area, the new Chisun inn is a two-story, 90-room hotel designed in harmony with nature. The hotel is also available to host off-site meetings, training camps and other events.