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Chisan Inns In Koshinetsu

Koshinetsu is a small sub region of the Chūbu region in Japan. It consists of Yamanashi, Nagano and Niigata prefectures. This area is sometimes included into Kantō region. It is looked upon by many as some of the best in the country. The natural conditions contribute greatly to this. Cold winters, clean air, ideal, slightly soft water create an ideal environment for travel and tourism. Let us get to know the famous Chisan inns in Koshinetsu.

Chisun Inn Karuizawa

It is an upscale, multifunctional inn rich in local flavor. Offerings a perfect place to hold corporate training sessions, seminars and meetings in a comfortable environment; it is one of the most sought after Koshinetsu chisan inns. Guests are welcomed with heartfelt hospitality, which is hard to forget. Chisun Inn Suwa IC.

Situated in Suwa City, another popular Chisun inn in Koshinetsu , it offers traditional culture and beautiful nature. Presenting a superb and enjoyable stay throughout the four seasons, guests get to spend some unforgettable moments. It is quite convenient for guests coming from afar, as it is located near the expressway interchange. One can completely relax mentally and physically, forgetting the time completely. With its grand opening, on November 11th 2006, it has been serving tourists, guests and travelers with the same zest.

Chisun Inn Shiojiri Kita IC

Another well known Chisan hotel in Koshinetsu, it is looked upon as a special place located in an easily accessible rural city. Shiojiri is located in the center of Nagano Prefecture and has historically developed as a center of transportation. Surrounded by a rich natural environment and beauty, this area is famous for its wineries, is a rural city. Its convenient location near the Shiojiri Kita Interchange on Nagano Expressway, which is the closest expressway to Matsumoto Airport, is another reason behind its popularity. Welcoming its gusts to relax in a comfortable atmosphere to ease their fatigue travel, it responds to the various needs of both domestic and foreign travelers.

Chisun Inn Kofu Isawa

If you are seeking complete relaxation and a world class holiday, then this Koshinetsu Chisan inn is where you should head for. Meeting the diverse needs of both domestic and foreign guests, the well-trained, highly-professional staff offering a personalized and heartfelt service is the norm here.

Chisun Hotel & Conference Center Niigata

One of the most well known of Koshinetsu chisun hotels, this is a perfect location, and directly connected to JR Niigata Station too! And thus making it an easy access from Joetsu Shinkansen Kanetsu, Hokuriku, Banetsu, and Nihon-kai Tohoku Expressways. The hotel is perfectly located as a center for both business and leisure on the Japan Sea coast. Equipped with large meeting rooms, you can plan for your next business meeting, seminar, or banquet with easily accessible location right here.

Chisun Inn Niigata Chuo IC

The Chisun inn in Koshinetsu is conveniently located directly in front of the Niigata Chuo Interchange on the Hokuriku Expressway. Offering large, clean bathrooms, with extra spacious bathtubs for complete relaxation, your journey to a most comfortable holiday has just begun. The economic rates at this place are another pleasant surprise too for the guests.